Tim Gonzalez‚Äč - I've known some amazing harmonica players in my time, and Tim is at the top of that list! If you ain't heard this man blow harp, you've missed out! In addition to Blues & Country, Tim adds some Latin rhythm that'll blow your mind! - Thanks Tim, for adding your genius to our recent demo, "Whiskey Still". - Check Tim out at timgonzalez.net!   ORALE!!!

The Kentucky Linemen - "This Ain't Grandad's Country"!  - Music Row Magazine's DisCovery Award Winner in July of 2010.  TKL regularly plays in the Nashville area. Catch a show! You'll be glad you did!

Congratulations to TKL for getting their song, "The Lineman" picked up for the upcoming movie "Life On The Line" featuring John Travolta and Sharon Stone!!!

   Thanks TKL for your great tracks on recent demos "Harley's In Heaven" and "Whiskey Still"! - Check out TKL at theKentuckyLinemen.com!

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Daniel Newman - Daniel is a multi-talented  music professional, offering services in writing, performing, teaching, and coaching to aspiring and experienced musicians of any age. - Thanks Daniel for your huge help in bringing the music for my songs, out of my head and into the performance! - Check Daniel out at danielnewmanmusic.com!