• Harley's In Heaven3:40

  • When Was The Last Time3:03

"When Was The Last Time"​ - written and produced by Chris Ford

​- a fun "Jump Blues" tune with attitude., and a message of 'love me now or lose me'! - Great piano, guitar, and Blues harp solos


"Harley's In Heaven" - written and produced by Chris Ford

- a story of loss, heartache, faith, and hope. A Country Waltz that will appeal to Bikers, Military Families, and Patriots.

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  • Rainy Days3:22


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"Whiskey Still" - written and produced by Chris Ford

- a hard-driving/foot stompin' Country Rock tune with the Blues at its heart , all about the life cycle of a moonshiner. 

  • Whiskey Still3:59

"Rainy Days"​ - written and produced by Chris Ford

​- Can't go wrong with mournful Blues on a rainy day.  "Teardrops from Heaven? No, No, No! It's laughter from the devil's eyes...."